IDEA says Hello!!!

Hello guys!!!

Well,there was feeling of anxiety today morning when we finally thought of starting off today with blogs. But as it has finally started we are looking forward to some great to happen. You know its always great to share knowledge and one should share it as much as one can in the limited lifetime we have. That is exactly the ‘idea’ behind starting off with these blogs.

So to start with, our founder has been into the construction industry for around 27 years now. We are into consulting, designing, execution & installation of contracts like tensile structures, canopies, space-frames, commercial sheds and many more & we have worked with some real technical giants in the industry since last 17 years under the name of IDEA structural systems.

Construction industry never fails to surprise us with the ongoing trends that come and go in this market. In our upcoming blogs we would discuss about the above products in detail with you and also the trends that come in with them. It feels great to share the with you all the ideas and knowledge that we behold. We assume that we could help you with what you are looking for…

Do look forward to many more articles on structural products. For more details about what we are into please log on to